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Sunday, March 26, 2006


Every company wants to stay "on-top" of technology. As we can see with the article on Wal-Mart Blogging Blunder, there's just some things a company should avoid.

BLOGS for Business Use

Wal-Mart has attempted to use BLOG to improve their public image by condemning state legislation to require Wal-Mart to increase spending on employee health care. Unfortunately the blogger was most likely hired by Wal-Mart & fed the words to "blog" about. Oops! So much for attempting to improve the public image.

I believe companies should stick to the modern traditional way of internet usage - websites. State the facts & be done.

Blogging can also get employees in trouble. Blogging blunder costs fashion editor her job
Will companies need to add new policies to include outside "Blogging"?

Timely Warnings...Blogging Can Get You Sued!


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